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Top Five Free Business Directories












Get listed in the top five Business Directories for free.  Yes free! Who doesn’t want something for nothing.

Improve your web presence easily by adding your business details to these business directory sites. A little bit time heavy I grant you but it’s worth it to increase that elusive Google page ranking. Just make sure you always include your website link, company logo if possible and most importantly write unique content on each one. Then you should be soaring to the top of your Google rankings in no time. I know its tempting to cut and paste content from your website but don’t! Google doesn’t like it and you’ll get the cyber version of the cold shoulder, nobody wants that, least of all your growing business. There are of course a whole host of business directories out there and these are just a select pick of the bunch.

So in no particular order get yourself busy on the following.


  1. Google My Business.

Or Google Places, which you may be more familiar with. This is THE place to be listed so if you only register with one directory make sure it’s this one. There is the ability to add lots of good relevant information and images about your business. If you do nothing else, do this.


  1. Scoot

Scoot is involved with the directories of The Sun, Independent, Mirror and Touch Local. Whilst the free basic listing will only get you a mention, it’s still worth registering. Now, Scoot will ring you within a matter of minutes of you registering for the free basic listing to upgrade you. Do not be alarmed! They will probably offer you a silly priced deal and sometimes even a free trial of the premium listing that will tell you will potentially get you in front trillions of customers. Depending on your target audience this could be beneficial. But I’m only talking about freebies today so proceed at your own leisure there.


  1. Freeindex

This is a well-established site, an oldey but a goody. Regularly crawled by the Googlebots so your listing should appear in Google search results within a day.

Its not rocket science, the more profile questions you complete the better your site will perform on the index. It also has a nice little customer reviews section which aides ranking.


  1. Yell

Remember those iconic Yellow Pages that made a great door stop? This is the online version. Register here and your business will appear in Google searches, searches and the mobile app. You can add lots of keywords, plus your social media links and website.


  1. Yelp

Finally, we have Yelp. A great business directory for local businesses. Brimming with features to boost your ranking including website link, photos and opening hours.


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