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Is your marketing memorable?

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It’s nothing personal…


Just think how much post you actually get now versus the amount of emails you delete every day (or hour!) How do you feel when you receive a handwritten note, letter or postcard? That someone made an effort, that’s how you feel.


Getting personal with your marketing, in a non creepy way of course, is key to not only getting noticed but being remembered. And every business wants to be remembered right? Well if it’s for the right reasons we do.


When I was working as a Marketing Manager I used to receive ALOT of magazines, catalogues and brochures in the post.  One particular day I received a large bright pink sparkly jiffy bag from a promotions company.  Not only was it the first thing I opened (instead of getting put on the teetering pile of other catalogues and magazines I’d get sent daily) but every time someone walked past they asked me about ‘that big pink envelope’. It was eye catching and it was memorable.


So why don’t you try and experiment with coloured envelopes and handwriting the name and address on the front instead of just slapping a printed label on. Send a greetings card or postcard just to say hi, happy birthday or how are you. But make it memorable. A funny quip, a beautiful image or an inspiration quote that someone wants to keep on the desk or show to a colleague will make you stand out.


Make a bit of effort. Your customers will thank you and remember you for it,


For ideas, inspiration or to talk more about how you can get your business under someones nose get in touch.

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