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Let’s Talk Resolutions


Hands up if you have made some personal resolutions for 2023? But have you done the same for your business?

A New Year is a time to reflect on your business to assess what worked and what didn’t work for you the previous year and a huge part of marketing is testing and trying, assessing and analysing to see what works. You can then feed this into your marketing plan. The plan right?

Plan? What plan I hear you all silently scream, I’m just winging it!

A plan, be it physical or in your head, of where you are going, what your goals are for the year and how you think you might go about it will help you grow your business.

Is 2023 your time to be more visible on social media?

Are you planning to actually look at your Google Analytics and see how your website is working for you?

Do you even know how people found you last year?

Now is the time to grab the bull by the horns and tick that task off your list that you have been procrastinating about and make 2023 your year.

If you or you know someone who needs some advice on where to start or some help making marketing goals a reality get in touch!

Let’s create a buzz about your business this year.