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Once Upon a Time


Use your words 😶

I had a Power Hour with a lovely client recently. She has them a few times a year to help her focus her marketing and she usually has a little list of ‘how to’s’ which is just brilliant to work through together. Anyway, recently she was stuck on words. She couldn’t think of what to share with her followers, “I never have anything to say” she told me.

However, just in conversation and by us chatting she had been telling me some incredible stories that morning.

“Ann, you have so much to share! Those stories and experiences you have told me about today are exactly what you should be sharing. Make them into a blog, tell them in a Facebook live or write in a social media post”.

What great stories and interactions can you share today?

To help get your creative juices flowing why not book a book a Power Hour and tell me your story.