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Heat up your Marketing

Now that it looks like Summer has arrived, and more importantly is here to stay, here are some tips to heat up your marketing this year.


Summer special offer

Everyone loves a sizzling discount right? Make it relevant to the time of year and service you provide. Make sure you give a deadline, it will make people engage quicker, rather than leave it months to take you up on your offer.


Summertime themed promotions

You can get almost, if not everything, branded with your company name and logo nowadays. Get seasonal with branding sunglasses, fans, towels or sun cream even. Try and tie in to compliment your service.



You can’t move for local community fetes, fairs and functions at this time of year. If you can’t attend one yourself then try and sponsor one. Supporting your local community is great for building relationships and getting your brand out there. Get seen, to be seen.


Summer events

Lighter evenings and sunny skies means everyone is more social and generally in a better mood during the Summer months! Consider rewarding you client or customer base by hosting your own event. Make it an annual thing, to keep them close. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, an informal BBQ or drinks to get your clients together and make them feel valued. Also doubles up as a networking event for your customers.  Want to do something a bit bigger? Take clients to a hosted event such as Ascot or Henley.


Seasonal advice

How to’s, tips and advice work well not only for added value to your clients, customers, fans and followers but also as a subtle selling tool. Are you a stylist? Share some How to’s on dressing to keep cool. Fitness instructor? Share How to get the arms to dare to bare?


For ideas, inspiration or to talk more about making your marketing sizzle get in touch.