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So you might be asking yourself ‘Why should I outsource my marketing or ‘Why do I need a freelance marketer?


Well, I could say ‘why not?’ and I may be bias but here in a nutshell is why you and your business could benefit from some outside marketing support



Different Viewpoint

Sometimes when you are so close to something ‘you cant see the wood for the trees’ and often assume others will have the same knowledge as you do about your business, product or service. I can bring a different viewpoint to the mix. Thinking outside the box with a fresh approach to question how you are seen externally. I’ll be asking the questions you probably don’t realize your customers are asking.


Flexible and cost effective

I work on an ‘as and when needed’ basis. Ad-hoc, project or retained. We can agree on an hourly, daily, monthly or project rate. Meaning you pay for only the support you need. And that’s flexible. If you need more time just say. Need me less? No offence taken.


Experienced expert support

You get all the skills and experience of a qualified professional, without actually having to employ one. That’s got to be a good thing.


No employment costs

No sick pay or holiday pay. No employee overheads of tax, pension contributions and insurance and not to mention the coffee. They all add up. One of the best benefits of outsourcing your marketing is that you avoid the financial risks associated with employing someone in-house.

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Still not sure if or why you need freelance marketing support? Then just get in touch and lets meet for a no obligation chat over a cuppa.