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Gone Fishing

Who is up for a spot of fishing?

And where would we go fish? The nice warm pool where you know the little fishes are interested in your bait or the big cold pool where they are in the dark and hiding.

Makes sense to try the nice warm pool first, doesn’t it?

Then why don’t we do this when we are fishing for customers? Many of us will forget we have a nice warm pool of customers and head straight for the dark cold pool of new people. Got to get the new people that’s right, isn’t it? Is it?!

In the nice warm pool we have customers who know you, have already shown an interest, have had a little nibble….and just need reeling in. Yes it might be a smaller pool but the hard work has been done, they have already shown an interest, you have started to build that relationship.

And if you are not sure where your warm pool is look to your social media, past clients, email contacts, those you have met at events, your website – if they are visiting they are warm, they are interested.

Don’t make more hard work for yourselves. Fish where the fishes will take the bait – and like all fishing, this takes a little bit of patience.

Want more fishing tips? Book a power hour and let’s create a buzz about your business.